Each year, Special Exhibitions are staged, complemented by a slide show that runs continuously during museum opening hours.

The slide shows have recorded commentaries which are interspersed with sound clips of villagers’ memories, and video clips.

The exhibition staged from Easter 2012, is entitled ‘What’s in a Name’ and tells the story of those people after whose family names the Earls Colne Primary School houses are called.



The Permanent Exhibition takes us through 10 historical aspects that provide an insight into the development of Earls Colne from Earliest Times to the present day.

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The Old Water Tower

Earls Colne    CO6 2SZ

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Earls Colne Museum Welcomes 5000th Visitor

On Sunday, 14th October, the Earls Colne Heritage Museum welcomed its 5000th visitor. Having greeted visitors from all over the country and, indeed, the world since it first opened in 2005 the landmark 5000th was Mrs Anne-Marie Tilbrook from Rochford, Essex, and Brian Alderman, Hon. Curator, presented Anne-Marie with a specially printed certificate recognising the occasion.

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Hidden History


Hidden History

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